Outsourcing refers to a company that contract with another company to provide services that might otherwise be performed by in-house employees. Many large companies now outsource jobs such as call center services, e-mail services, payroll, Health services and Photo editing. These jobs are handled by separate companies that specialize in each service, and are often located overseas.

  • Boost in your business Adorasoft outsourcing plan helps you to boost in your profits, productivity, level of quality, business value, business performance and much more. adorasoft can help you see an increase in almost every aspect of your business.

  • Cost Effective!Outsourcing such as Pakistan can give you access to lucrative services. The same services with the same level of quality are offered in Pakistan for a much lower cost This cost-advantage has improved the number of services that are being offered to Pakistan. Such as call centre service

  • Better customer satisfactionWith high-quality services you can impress your customers. Adorasoft can help you benefit from better customer satisfaction and your customers will remain loyal to your organization.

  • Adora specialized services The benefits of outsourcing can give your organization a cutting-edge in the worldwide market. Outsource and take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing.
    At adorasoft, we have dedicated teams that offer outsourced services across a range of services which include Call centerData, Entry Services, Research and Analysis Services, Photo Editing Services


  • Inbound
  • Out Bound / Telemarketing
  • Technical Help desk
  • Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • Online / Offline Data entry
  • Business Research
  • Photo editing
  • Image Clipping
  • Real estate Image Processing
  • Real Time Static
  • Lowest Cost
  • Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • And much more...

Call Center


Adorasoft offers a range of call center services that meet end-to-end customer service needs of worldwide organizations. Our inclusive offshore contact center services cover the entire range of customer support and telemarketing needs of enterprises and include Inbound and Outbound Call Center Solutions, skilled Technical Helpdesk Services, Live Chat Support and E-mail Support Services.

Inbound Call Center

Adorasoft Inbound Call Center

Adorasoft offers strategic inbound call center solutions we take care of day-to-day customer support. Our result-oriented inbound customer service call center offers inclusive inbound call center services such as Toll Free Customer Service, 24-Hr Helpdesk, Appointment Scheduling, Emergency Response and Direct Response Services, Telephone Answering and Web Receptionist Services. adora’s inbound contact center solutions present 100% call recording, call analysis based on multiple parameters. Discover how our strategic Inbound Call Center Services can help you in achieving higher customer preservation and increased success.

Technical Helpdesk Services

Adorasoft Technical Helpdesk Services

Adorasoft’s Call Center Solutions consist of advanced Technical Helpdesk Services. Our Technical Helpdesk team consists of qualified engineers, equally expert in technical and customer support skills. Adorasoft Technical Helpdesk provides you with enduring technical response about products and systems. This is a useful input from Adora’s customer support contact center and is useful in eliminating technical flaws and introducing product enhancements.

Telemarketing Services

Adorasoft Telemarketing Services

Adora’s outbound call center solutions include Telemarketing, Debt Collection Services, Customer Satisfaction Research Surveys, and Product Promotions to name a few. adora’s outbound contact center solutions are experts, sales oriented and competitively priced.

Chat support Services

Adorasoft Chat support Services

At Adorasoft, we are frequently innovating our Call Center Solutions Suite to make them result-oriented and real-time to meet end-to-end customer support contact center needs of organizations. Adorasoft web-based Chat Support Services help your customers to go into a greater level of detail on product and service queries and for product and service support that is thorough and exact.

Our satisfied customers now go for Call Center Outsourcing not for its cost cutting profit but for improving their performance and accessing our best-of-breed skills.

E-mail Support Services

E-mail Support Services

Adorasoft Customer Service Contact Center Services consist of an efficient Email Support System that helps organizations to proficiently and rapidly deal with customer queries via the internet. E-mail based Customer Support Services is better to conventional telephone-based methods, because of its ability to offer clear, detailed and written responses to customer queries. Organizations that outsource Email Support to Adorasoft enjoy lower call volumes, abridged voice support costs and enhanced customer satisfaction. Transform Customer Relationship Management by outsourcing your E-mail Support Services to Adorasoft.

Business Research


Business research is a powerful tool for any association. If you are a small business, business market research can hut light on where to spend and where to cut expenses. Disparate market study, business research focuses on your competitors, their products, services, strategies at all. These two research methods can help any business to organize based on numbers and not just by perception.

Adorasoft Business research services

Business research services can help you:

  • Find out your competitors for a fastidious present
  • Explore their sales / marketing strategies
  • Show development trends and forecasts for a exacting product / service
  • Estimation the market size through aggressive analysis
  • Find new business opportunities where competition is less or absent

Small businesses need business competitive analysis and research as it will help to zero-in on strategy to endorse their products and services. Unlike research conducted by large firms, business explore can be a cost successful asset to chart a growth path for your company.

Business research services at Adorasoft

Conducting a business management research requires careful preparation, implementation and reporting. Adorasoft has been providing business research for small businesses approximately the world and has wide knowledge in methods that bring in important information back to you. Here’s a list of the business research services that we provide:

  1. Business competitive psychoanalysis: Competitive psychoanalysis can give you with astuteness on who are your competitors, their customers, financial health, demographic information and product related information. You can use this information to get in front of your competitors
  2. Business market research: Market research is the basis of any organization. It can give you information on your goal market, customers, market size, similar products and their enlargement and other parallel factors. Based on the result of the market research you can make changes on how to enclose your product / service and make a decision on the strategies desired to take it to the market

Research Method at Adorasoft

Here’s a outline of the method that is being followed for our business research services:

  1. Research goals: The first step of the research method is to confirm the goals of the research project. All following actions track the goal(s) and are planned for, consequently
  2. Creating the research plan: A comprehensive research plan is drawn, which comprises of the target addressees for the research, and the apparatus required. The research plan varies with each research project
  3. Information collection: Information is collected from the target spectators through means such as questionnaires, e-mails, online surveys, online focus groups and meadow surveys. The collected information is stored in a database which is further used for psychoanalysis
  4. Analyze the information: The collected information is then subjected to arithmetical analyses such as Weakening analysis. This provides findings into different affairs in the collected data
  5. Reporting: The final phase of the research method involves presenting the information in graphs, charts and easy to follow tables. These are planned to help the end-user of the research report to understand the findings of the research project easily.

Data Entry


Whether you are a large company managing and distributing large quantities of information, or a small company handling a lot of data from formats such as papers, CDs, and PDFs, you know that data entry is necessary in transforming them into information that your business needs. Does your company spend a large amount of time, effort and money in conducting data entry activities in-house?

What if you could find a partner who could take up your data entry work, saving you the time and money that you can spend in growing your business? Outsourcing data entry services to a company in Pakistan might just be the opportunity you are looking for

Adorasoft’s data entry services

Take your pick from the wide range of data entry services that Adorasoft offers.

  • Online Data Entry Services
  • Offline Data Entry Services
  • Image Data Entry Services
  • Book Data Entry Services
  • Document Management Systems
  • Data Entry of Business Surveys
  • Database Data Entry Services

Online Data Entry Services

Adorasoft is a specialist in providing online data entry services. The services range from clean data entry work to assemblage of data from websites, business cards, e-books and catalogs. We also provide form processing and parallel other online data entry services. At Adorasoft, we use modern technology to ensure that we present our customers with quality services. You can be confident of complete secrecy as we can also work honestly on your systems.

Offline Data Entry Service

There is a million odd offline data entry service providers. But what makes us separate? Our ‘end-user end-purpose’ methodology is what makes our offline data entry services different from other service providers.

Moreover, we do not approach data entry as a job which anybody can do. We utilize a team of qualified people to manage your offline data entry jobs. Also, our tailored offline data entry services will make sure that your objectives and goals are met.

Get the Adorasoft advantage!

  • By outsourcing offline data entry services to Adorasoft, you get the advantage of almost 65% savings on working costs from our proficient processes and outsourcing compensation.
  • We employ up to date technology to ensure high speed, prompt and exact offline data entry services
  • We can guarantee that your data and information will be secure in our hands. With our strong security systems we can ensure you a hazard free outsourcing experience.

Adorasoft’s image data entry services

Adorasoft offers both online as well as offline image entry services. We are operational to handle projects of all sizes. You can even send your necessities via email. Once the job is completed, we will instantly send the images back to you in the format that you need. Adorasoft is very severe about the quality of the images and the secrecy of your data. When you outsource to Adorasoft, you can be confident of quality and safety.

We present the following image data entry services:

  • Scanned image data entry services
  • Image entry into a worksheet
  • Image entry into a database
  • Catalogue and legal document entry
  • Book entry
  • Hand written / card entry
  • Legal document data entry

Book Data Entry Service

Adorasoft’s ebooks data entry services contain exchange of content from both electronic and paper sources into ebooks. While creating ebooks from hard copy source matter, our enthusiastic team ensures that images and photographs are integrated in the final product. We also create ebooks from various electronic formats such as HTML and Quark.

We present continuous solutions that include:

  • Data entry
  • Scanning
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting

Adorasoft’s document management services

Adorasoft provides full data entry, document conversion and management, indexing and file exchange services with highest correctness, effectiveness, saving, and customer service in the business. Our document management solutions modernize and abridge the dispensation of inbound and outbound documents. We can also digitize and classify documents for easy storage and recovery.

Adorasoft can change your papers, books or old computer files into logical and helpful digital information. Based on your company’s needs, we will select the technique most applicable for your assignment. This might contain keyboarding, optical character acknowledgment, or double key entry with confirmation.

Adorasoft can help your organization to cut magnificent costs in document management. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Index, store, repossess, view and interpret documents
  • Engineering document management systems
  • Data keying from paper into database formats
  • Microfilm into digital docs
  • Backfile scanning and conversion
  • Conversion of plan drawings into CAD

Data Entry Business Services

Adorasoft uses best possible mix of people and technology to present data entry services for surveys. Leveraging our skills helps you decrease costs without compromising on quality. We believe in considerate the diverse needs of different customers and providing customized solutions that fit their requirements.

Database data entry services

Being a one stop shop for all your back office needs, Adorasoft can lever the entire range of database management services. Right from data confine, data entry and processing, we can take the project through the stages of records, propose and achievement also. Since our capabilities extent across database development and migration also, we are highly intuitive about our database entry services.

  • We have expertise in working on different platforms of databases
  • You can be confident about data accuracy as our proven accuracy levels are as high as 99.99%
  • Our best practices guaranteed accuracy, quick retrieval of information on the application and enhanced operational efficiency of the database
  • We provide personalized services according to the requirements and challenges of your task
  • You get your database entry project turned around quickly without any compromise on quality
  • Database entry project runs concurrently without disturbing your center business.

Photo Editing


Adorasoft, a forge in outsourcing has been providing a large array of services to global customers. We have years of knowledge and proficiency in providing outstanding image editing services. At Adorasoft, we use the latest in technology and software to offer our customers with premium clear cut images in a fast spin time. We have an expert, brilliant, imaginative and qualified team of image editing professionals who are experts at providing experienced image clipping services.

Our expert’s professionals can provide you with premium services for huge volumes.

Adorasoft’s Image Clipping Services

Adorasoft can provide your company with image clipping or path setting up services for different kinds of product shots. If you have picture, where you want to use only a meticulous part in the image, then we can fix the path about the object of your pick, providing clear cut images. This can help you use only the preferred object on your advertising stuff, without distractions of the background.

With our proficiency in image clipping, we can simply fix the path of your option for any photograph. With our expert image clipping services, you can get approach to the particular objects inside the photographs that you have taken. Our image clipping services can help you use the images for your website, magazine, newspaper and portfolio amongst others.

Our commercial image clipping services can help you reduce your working expenses and also help you save on time, effort and extra resources. By outsourcing image clipping services to Adorasoft, you will not only be saving on operating expenses, but you will also be getting access to high-class services within a quick turnaround. We can also take up image clipping or clear cutting services for large volumes. Outsource to Adorasoft and give your business an aggressive edge.

Benefits of Outsourcing Image Clipping Services to Adorasoft

  • Experienced, educated and specialized team of image editing professionals
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • High-class and specialized services
  • Lucrative services
  • Save on time, effort and resources
  • Latest technology and software
  • High-end communications
  • Clear cut images with high definition

Real Estate Post Processing Services

We provide real estate post dispensation services for Real Estate Brokers, Real estate Agents, Real estate Photographers and advertisers. Adorasoft real estate team is specifically planned to meet up the requirements of real estate professionals. Adorasoft provides our clients with easy, lucrative and faster turnaround time.

With our years of knowledge in Real Estate image post dispensation, we can professionally process large scale of images and send the finished images in time.

Outsourcing Real Estate post processing services to Adorasoft can give your industry a aggressive edge. It helps you save on time, effort, manpower and resources. Your company can focus on its core competencies while we do the post processing of your images.

Real Estate post processing experts at Adorasoft understand the significance of excellence necessary to amaze property buyers and provide one stop service for all the post production required for the real estate brokers and agents.

Adorasoft offers an extensive range of skilled Real Estate post processing services, such as,

Still Image Enhancement
Adorasoft Still Image Development services can recover masterpiece, sharpness, difference and deepness in your images, making them clearer and bright.

HDR Image Blending Services
Our image blending experts can professionally blend images taken in a variety of experience morals, with mixed shades of vividness and difference and create high-definition images. Outsource image blending services to Adorasoft and make an impact on your customers with outstanding pictures of real estate interiors and exteriors.

Image Stitching Services
At Outsource2india, we have skilled professionals in creating panorama, VR 360, QTVR, who can create a seamless panoramic by using the latest image stitching techniques. Outsource image stitching services to O2I and get access to flawless panoramic images.

Color Cast Elimination Services
at Adorasoft, we use the latest image cutting software and methods to eliminate color casts from real estate pictures. Outsourcing color cast elimination services can help you save on re-taking photographs. We can professionally remove color tints and exact the white stability

Sky Revolutionize Services
Our experienced image post processing experts can proficiently adjust the sky in your real estate pictures. If your pictures have tedious and washed out skies, we can correct them and change them with a clear and clear sky. Outsource sky change services to Adorasoft and get access to professional sky revolutionize services at a lucrative price

Image Improvement Services to Adorasoft

Adorasoft’s experts Image Improvement services can change your digital images to make regular shots look shining. From adjusting infiltration, color balance, contrast, brightness and thickness of images to applying filters, removing or inserting backgrounds, cropping and removing blemishes, noise and grains in images, we present expert and professional services in quick turnarounds and at extremely aggressive charge.

Adorasoft mechanism with digital pictures and images emailed or sent to us via FTP. Take benefit of our services to give your images that professional stroke. Our team of experienced and certified experts works with influential image improvement software and plug-ins to change tedious, flat images into exciting, shiny ones.

Variations in temperature and illumination are just two of the reasons that result in unexceptional picture quality even when shot by experts. Before photo editing technologies had become strong, dozens of photographs had to be redundant to get that one ideal shot. Even if most digital cameras and printers come with integral editing software, photographers are more and more resorting to outsourced services to give their digital images a professional, high luster finish.

Our Image Improvement services provide to professional photo editing companies, digital photographers, photo studios, online fine art galleries, e-book editors and publishers, webmasters and web designers, real estate agents, directory publishers and online marts.

How can my images be enhanced

  • Density Correction
  • Color Correction of Digital Images
  • Color Cast Correction
  • Image Cropping
  • Removing Blemishes
  • Background Insertion/Removal