Software Development

Adorasoft provide extensive customer facilitation. Our services span covers a wide range that includes simple to advanced software solutions, with a complete focus on customer and business values. Adorasoft has an array of vast knowledge and expertise’s in developing custom software applications, using state-of-the-art technology to meet the budget needs and specific requirements of the clients. Adorasoft provides cluster-based, high-tech hosting service, powered by hundreds of servers working in collusion with power websites, applications and email. All these services come with incomparable power and credibility.

  • Custom Software Development At Adorasoft, management is made easy for you through customized quality software, designed and developed according to your specific needs and requirement. We use an assortment of optimum technologies and extensive processes of Software Development; from system planning, framework creation, implementation, testing, support, designing and documentation to provide you personalized software solutions. Not only our customized software is reliable but also user-friendly, substantiating complete data security and convenience.

  • Internet/Intranet Software Development We specialize in building, and providing to our valued clients, innovative intranet software solutions, based on the communication standards of Internet. Our Internet/Intranet Software can serve as a powerful tool to organize and manage the data of your enterprise. This services enables you to communicate quickly anywhere across the organization. From simple to complex, we design Internet/Intranet Software having extensive functionality to help improve internal communications, strengthen and manage your corporate knowledge base, and streamline your business.

  • Software Development We offer secure, standardized and robust software development services that serve you in the long run. You can choose from a wide range of innovative and creative web design and development services, conceptualized and developed by our professionals. These services are provided in keeping with your budget, according to your schedule and business needs.

  • Offshore Development Centre Adorasoft gives you access to versatile offshore development specialists. Our Offshore Development Centre team enables you to handle and control your IT projects efficiently, employing cost-effective resources.


  • 1. Custom Software Development
  • 2. Offshore Development Centre
  • 3. Quality Control
  • 4. Technical Expertise
  • 5. Database Management Systems
  • 6. CRM Solutions
  • 7. Software Documentation
  • 8. Full Fill Customer Requirements
  • 9. Latest Technology
  • 10. User Friendly Interface
  • 11. Security System
  • 12. Lowest Cost
  • 13. Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • And much more...



Adorasoft well versed in software development. These kinds of solutions offered are not just restricted to meager implementation of your requirements. Inspiration, capacity, and knowledge allow Adorasoft software developers to propose ways in which you can transform your business. In some gear, if you decide, they can even describe your business mock-up. They adopt a customer centric loom where they make it their job to listen, to research, and to understand the requirements, so that they can provide you with truly unique and successful solutions. A flexible outlook makes them open to creating and developing any kind of website or web application you require.

Software Development

We have a large group of software engineers with established follow proof variety of knowledge and talented to bearing software development efforts and project level to your company requirements. We are rapid in understanding the individuality of every client and focus carefully on the individual needs of our clients as a basic step to move forward. With us, you can be sure of indefatigable support, stronger trust and condition of art software development.

When it comes to Software Development Services, we have successfully delivered a range of customized software products to companies. We have knowledge for both Web and desktop based software application solutions. Inspire of the disadvantages desktop applications are still accepted as web application. However most enterprises use and choose for web based solution for worldwide access. Many solutions especially those that engage hardware/software communication, are only built for the desktop based software application, so both are equivalent. We present to construct back-office applications that can be used by clients to run their operations as well as to run their websites.

Our team is competent to create customized software solutions at a range of levels. Our team of professionals will investigate your requirements and propose either the web/desktop style of development.

Range of product development

We realize the conceptualization of the product idea of the client and consequently design the fundamental plan and flowchart of the product and services. We also design ideas and unresolved line of the blue print of the final product.

Product design

We help our customers in identifying and chalking the right option for podium concerning the development of their product. This technique is positive for the customers as it helps in the allotment of the products at low funds. The tools used for product design are Normal and UML. Some of the methodologies obtainable by us for product design are Twisting, Interactive, SDLC and Cascade.

Product development

This important phase includes framing the architectural designing of the product. Detectable and actual shape is provided to the design thoughts. We also cooperate closely with the client, quality engineers, designers and programmers for maximum benefit.

Product testing

In order to test the strength and convenience of the product, we use technical testing of the product to assure our customers. Some of the tests conducted by us are Load test, pressure tests, system test, combination test and component test.

Product Installation

It includes packaging and installation of the product and services. Our regular method for product installation is very easy and annoys free to decrease density and preservation charge.

Maintenance support

When our designed product reaches the maturity phase with accurate understanding, we still persist to play a essential position in supporting and maintaining it.

Technical Expertise


Skills and Information of Tools at Adorasoft

We offer solutions in custom Software Application Development. Adorasoft has systems & processes in place to make sure excellence and imperfection free solutions that provide to a variety of industry requirements. Some of the tools and technologies that we use in the progress of projects are listed underneath:

Application Development Tools:

  • Visual Studio .NET
  • C#
  • VB
  • PHP
  • J2EE
  • ASP
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4


  • Java


  • MS SQL
  • Oracle
  • PostGreSQL
  • MySQL 2000

Visual Tools:

  • Visual Tools:
  • Adobe Flash CS4
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4

Project Management:

  • MS Project
  • Base Camp


  • Skype
  • Base Camp
  • Instant Messenger

Database management Systems to Adorasoft

A database management system (DBMS) can be clear as software that is specially designed and developed to professionally manage databases. Adorasoft, a lead the way in outsourcing, has been providing high-class and professional database management system services to an extensive range of worldwide customers. We have professional and capable database administrators who are competent in creating database systems. FileMaker, Sybase Adaptive Server Project, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, DB2 and PostgreSQL are some of the common DBMSs.

What is a DBMS?

A DBMS includes a compound number of software programs. These software programs make sure the storage space, organization, management and recuperation of data within a database. A database management system includes a modeling language that describes the representation of all the databases that are hosted in the database management system. These databases are hosted according to the DBMS data model.

Another important quality of in a DBMS is data structures, such as, objects, files, records and fields. These data structures are optimized to manage large volumes of data that are stored on enduring data storage strategy. This entails a sluggish admittance when compared to unstable core reminiscence.

A database query language and report writer is yet another characteristic in a DBMS. This characteristic enables users to cooperate with the database, examine the data and bring keep up-to-date data according to the user constitutional rights. A database management system also includes a operation mechanism that ensures ACID properties. This ensures total data reliability even though there might be faults and equivalent users accessing the databases.

Outsource database management systems to Adorasoft for steadfast, skilled and high-quality services.

How does a DBMS function?

A database management system accepts the requests of data from application programs. The DBMS then instructs the operating system to transfer the proper data. By using a database management system, you can change information systems easily, as and when the information needs in your organization keep changing. By using a DBMS, you can also easily add new categories of data to the database without causing any disturbance to the existing information system. At Outsource2india, we can enable you to use a database management system to effectively enable daily transaction processing. We can also help you set up a DBMS that handles only inquiries and analysis. At Outsource2india, we have proficient data administrators and systems analysts who can provide your organization with the right systems design decisions. Our database administrators can create detailed database designs.

Outsource database management systems to O2I for competent services at a cost-effective price.

What are the features of a DBMS?

1. Protection

In the DBMS, you can limit and control the entrance to the attributes and groups of attributes. This feature enables whole protection.

2. Approach Classification

The classification services characteristic can allow you to stay a path of changes and approach occurrences. This characteristic can give you in rank regarding the users who accessed your attributes and as regards the attributes that were changed.

3. Calculation

Ordinary computations on attributes such as summing, grouping, counting, averaging and cross-referencing can be performed on the DBMS that can perform calculations with effortlessness.

4. Regular Optimization

The regular optimization characteristic in the DBMS can expand the momentum of communication, if there is regular demand and custom patters.

5. Meta-data depository

A DBMS also includes a meta-data depository that includes in order about in order. This characteristic can classify the attributes to be integrated in the records sets.

6. Query Aptitude

This characteristic in the DBMS enables users to relate and investigate the data and also bring up to date the data according to user rights. You can also stop the use of illicit users.

7. Backup

This characteristic in the DBMS enables users to take out and deal out quality sets. This ensures that the information is dependable during the database system.

8. Law Enforcement

With this characteristic, users can straightforwardly apply policy to the attributes. This makes the attributes dependable.

Outsource database management systems to Adorasoft and give your company a aggressive edge.

Requirement Analysis


Requirement Analysis

To keep fundamental right is very important. Adorasoft employs a perfect technique of requirement analysis to conclude the requirements or needs for conference the excellence of the product.

At Adorasoft, we take out the whole system of requirement imprison or analysis, in three exact ways. This starts with Requirement Congregation chapter through which, we draw out the compulsory requirements of the customers. We explore span and exact the new system. From side to side the fact judgment methods, we gather applicable information from the prospective users. It helps in considerate the confrontation obtainable by the misinterpretation and idealistic exceptions ongoing in the existing system. This is done through different mentioned ways.

Then comes the need for Requirement Purpose, We apply this required step to analyze the significance and material of the chalked out requirements and make sure whether they are indistinct, unfinished and conflicting. Afterward we determine these issues in a absolute professional approach, to carry out the real requirement and spirit of the acknowledged requirements.

Continue track of them and appropriate recording of details is always positive. Recording is a very important stage in requirement measurement. We document the scrutinized requirement in the form of Exercise gear and method qualifications. While the system analysts are designing the database and preparing the model our team of software test engineers prepares the test gear by resources of the use cases ready at the earlier phase. We have massive information and understanding in preparing the data flow and conversion flow diagrams.

At Adorasoft, several fragile yet wide-ranging physiological skills are employed to simplicity out the difficult and long development of obligation analysis. With technically strong team, we offer comprehensively and inclusive requirement analysis by utilizing the wide-ranging requirements ambitious by use-case, which helps in establishing traceability and conversion of the requirements into system designs.

Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance

We Makes you suppose In the Attractiveness of your Ideas

At Adorasoft, Quality matters. We never compromise charge with quality .Our method knowledge and excellence assurance is backed with winning compatibility and permanent qualified knowledge with countless worldwide clients. We offer our clients with realistic and objective oriented solutions to your needs for quality promise.

Six Sigma Imbibed Processes:

Business knowledge, expert position and quality are extraordinarily significant.

Adorasoft equipment six sigma imbibed method for eliminating defects to all the continuing and new projects. By implementing Six Sigma procedure, we have achieved the intend of sentence not more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities in a exact project.

We appreciate the aim of the Six Sigma method evaluating the monetary profit at the former phase of SDLC ensures that the cost of upgrading will be supported by the advantage of the project.

Our teams of quality experts are accountable and with their knowledge they appreciate the requirements of the clients and advance the organized competence of the project.

DMAIC Observe

To make sure the unity of the testing we chase the DMAIC perform. DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control. We utilize DMAIC method identify the result of changes to a construct and then to observe the genuine impact of changes in a criticism circle.

We recognize the real cost of the demanded quality and also chalking out the defects of prospective quality scheming. Security, maintainability and dependability are the major factors of our quality assurance and testing methods.

Quality can never we compromised.



Delivering Long-standing Maintenance and Preservation

Our services connected to achievement and operational help in convention the customer requirements of amalgamating the elastic and customized software, which caters to the user friendly aspects of the software.

Our main objective is to offer best services for growing the procedure competence of our clients. We use logically deliberate approach to successfully incorporate software into the surroundings of a company or an exclusive customer.

Implementation Approach

Our planned approaching, technical knowledge and expert practice play an essential role in identifying the business processes of the customers, their personal information systems. This step acclaims significance, as explicit events are indirect by different technologies exact from the very first phase. This also helps in chalking out practical solutions for the installation of required solutions.

The final standard of our execution services is that our provided software is bright to perfectly run in the customer’s equipments. After serious testing of the whole software, which needs to be installed in the machines of the customer, our team provides the software, counting the original data.

Deployment Method

The Deployment services fundamentally comprise the execution of new hardware and software in the client’s operational atmosphere. The imperative steps integrated in deployment are:

In case, immediate problems harvest up in the route of deployment, our team members also provide proper solutions to reduce the defects.



Keeping customers ecstatic with Technical support and maintenance

Customer centric methodology and passion to show that we care for them has satisfied as with duplicate business. We have been perfectly adopting ‘perfect” method to make sure that our clients and customers collect cost effectual knowledge.

Our preservation and support service team provides our clients with enhancements for technology improvements, superior functionality and present industry principles along with the access to the professionals in our Software Support Centers.

Software maintenance and support Services

Our maintenance and support service includes the straight access to our knowledgeable consultants with tailored service from trusted, well-informed support specialists. Our stretchy service options comprise e-mail support and online chat support for our clients. With our knowledge we make sure the solution of client’s software connected queries inside 48 hours.

Key benefits of our Maintenance and Support Service

  • Continuous difficulty analysis and decree
  • Process your operations with straight and instant access to the right capital
  • Concurrent solutions through 24x7x365 web and telephone access to technical know-how
  • Maintain competence by working with us on issues any time of the day or night
  • Take action to new mandates by accessing new maps as necessary