VoIP Solutions

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is simply the transmission of voice traffic over IP-based networks.
The Internet Protocol (IP) was originally designed for data networking. The success of IP in becoming a world standard for data networking has led to its adaptation to voice networking.

  • Saves Money And Cost EfficientEasily handle traffic spikes Whether you're using VoIP for your residence or your business, you'll find it to be a lot cheaper than your normal landline telephone cost, be it short or long distance calls. However, the adorasoft helps you to save your cost.

  • Flexibility Virtual You're able to take your VoIP Phone anywhere and use your number anywhere there's an Internet connection. This includes travelling overseas, staying in hotels and even camping. This is suitable for those with active lifestyles and those whose jobs require much travel..

  • 24/7 SupportHave you tried calling your VoIP service provider after 8:00 PM? At adorasoft, we believe in supporting you when you need us - even if it's at 3:00 AM. We may be high-tech, but we haven't forgotten about good old-fashioned service over the phone. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at adorasoft

  • Adorasoft Billing SolutionsAdorasoft VoIP billing system that helps your company run steadier and more efficiently. By incorporating powerful business-enhancing features into a rock-steady billing platform, adorasoft gives your business a powerful edge.


  • Saves Money And Cost Efficient
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • competitive rates
  • Online Billing Solutions
  • PC 2 Phone Service
  • Call Back Service
  • VoIP PBX Solutions
  • Calling Card Solutions
  • User Friendly Online Interface
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • And much more...

Pc to phone


The days of long telephone bills resulting from expensive international calls are over. Adorasoft brings you a fantastic opportunity to enter the booming VoIP sector with our top of the line PC to Phone solutions & services. With the VoIP market already touching $7 billion, you can not afford to miss this chance of entering one of the most rapidly expanding industries of our times.

Our features are

  • Easy activation
  • Online customer billing panel
  • Customised dialer for your brand
  • Customised web panel for creating and easily managing user accounts
  • Customised online billing for end users



Let your customers enjoy the benefits of VoIP telephony like never before by minimising their calling costs with long distance and International Calling Cards from Adorasoft. With our extremely efficient ready-to-use platform, you can serve your customers in the best possible manner. Generate and manage PIN numbers for easy accountability of all minutes used. Offering the most competitive rates in the market, Adorasoft's Prepaid Calling Cards are the best choice for your business. In case of any queries, our support team is always there to sort out everything for you, 24X7.

Listed below are some of our features that make us the leading provider of calling cards for your business and customers:

  • Easy activation
  • Prepaid calling cards for seasoned markets
  • Personalised access numbers
  • Ability to enhance the services by bundling it with numerous VAS such as voice mail,
    prepaid internet, etc.
  • Online billing

Call back service


We provide you with access numbers, which you distribute among your clients. Whenever they have to place a call, they dial these access numbers. Our router in-turn calls them back and allows them to place extremely low-cost international and long distance phone calls by connecting them to our IP telephony interface. Your customers would simply love it, and would continue their association with you for a long time to come.

Salient features of Adorasoft's Callback services

  • ANI, SMS and Web Callback
  • Quality routing at the best rates
  • Easily integrated with VoIP enabled communication structure
  • Generate and manage PINs
  • Personalised access numbers
  • Online billing portal
  • Instant activation
  • Customised billing module

VoipPBX Solution


Manage your businesses with utmost efficiency with the aid of Adorasoft's integrated IP PBX Solution. Our software allows you to co-ordinate with branch offices and franchisees around the world with a united platform. With Adorasoft, you can provide your professional clients with cutting edge technology to make your business grow at an exponential pace.

Our system offers you the following VoIP features:

  • DID management: Get DID numbers and carry out your business transactions and internal communications all over the world, sitting in one place.
  • Customised call reporting: Get detailed reports of all phone calls of your employees and clients, with date, time and call durations.
  • Cost-effective calling: Call all over the world at cost-effective rates with our virtual PBX solution and save big on telephone bills. We also offer an array of additional features like call transferring and forwarding.
  • Voice mail, transferable on your e-mail ID
  • Conference features: Manage conferences, set conference timings and number of participants, send customised e-mail invites and check records of previous and future conferences. In short, your one-stop solution for organising efficient tele-conferences.
  • Wireless connectivity: Do away with tangled wires and complicated controls. Adorasoft brings you a much simpler and wireless means to communicate, both internally and externally.